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Discovering NZ Gin Distilleries in Christchurch & South Island

The South Island of New Zealand is home to a remarkable array of gin distilleries, each with its own unique story, flavours, and charm. Here are Tini Gin Bar & Eateries top picks, as we explore some of the finest gin distilleries in this picturesque region, where the art of gin-making meets the stunning natural beauty of the South Island.

Curiosity Gin – Christchurch: A Spirited Journey in Christchurch

Founded in 2016 by a group of friends, Curiosity Gin has become a beloved name in the world of gin. Their gin distillery in Christchurch is where the magic happens. Take a daily distillery tour at The Spirits Workshop to witness the gin-making process, explore the stills, and immerse yourself in the heady aroma of their barrel room. While the Classic Gin is a crowd favourite with its crisp and citrusy profile, don't miss the chance to sample one-off small batches like the cult-favorite Pinot Barrel Sloe Gin, made from sloe berries steeped in gin in barrels previously used for pinot noir. This is a gin journey you won't want to miss.

Little Biddy Gin - Reefton: A Taste of West Coast Mystique

Nestled in a small West Coast town, the Reefton Distilling Co crafts award-winning gin that truly captures the essence of the region. Housed in a heritage building, this distillery produces Little Biddy Gin, a small-batch brand known for its innovative use of local ingredients. The Classic Little Biddy Gin is a masterpiece, crafted with Douglas fir and native toatoa foraged from Reefton's lush forests. For a truly unique experience, try Little Biddy Snow, made with hand-collected snow from nearby mountains. Visit the distillery, savour the spirits, and meet the passionate people behind this exceptional gin.

Humdinger Distillery – Geraldine: A Toast to the Honeybee

Run by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Andrew and Saskia Lewis, Humdinger Distillery pays homage to the unsung heroes of gin-making: the honeybees. Established in 2020, this small distillery in Geraldine celebrates the vital role that bees play in pollinating the botanicals of the South Island. Their two signature gins have earned accolades, including a bronze medal in the 2022 International Wine and Spirits Competition. Explore the distillery and get a personal tour of the stills while picking up a bottle of their exceptional gin.

Mt Fyffe – Kaikōura: Foraging the Foothills

Justine Schroder, the creative force behind Mt Fyffe, resides on a sheep farm in the Kaikōura foothills. She's on a quest to create gin that embodies the flavours of her surroundings. Justine forages the hillsides, collecting a bounty of botanicals, including rosehips, elderflower, kanuka, blue borage, and seaweed. The result? Two award-winning gins: Woolshed and Shearwater. These gins are crafted in a converted woolshed on her farm, and each sip is a journey through the wild beauty of the South Island.

Resurrection Distillery believes that crafting spirits is a blend of art and science. Led by three friends, Cody Thyne, Richard Brown, and Matt Gunn, this boutique gin brand creates Rusty Halo, a gin infused with the smooth flavours of manuka honey, local botanicals, maize, and rye sourced from the Mackenzie Basin in the heart of the South Island. The distillery, located in the high-altitude town of Twizel, welcomes visitors for in-person tours, offering a glimpse into their small distillation process for just $20. You can also order their exceptional gin online to savour the spirit of the South Island wherever you may be.

Each of these distilleries in the South Island has its own unique story to tell and flavours to share. From the rugged landscapes of the West Coast to the quaintness of Geraldine, these gin-makers are capturing the essence of the South Island one bottle at a time. Discover their craft, raise a glass to their dedication, and savour the spirit of the South Island. Cheers!

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